Designing the customer experience – use Voice of the Customer to optimize your efforts

A series of blog posts about Differ’s portfolio of solutions.
During the fall we publish five blog posts with a deep dive into the areas that are key in order to obtain sustainable growth. This time: Designing customer experiences.

We all want loyal customers – but why is it so hard?

The customer is always right – we have been knowing for years that the customers who are happy with their experience generally buy more, buy more often, and recommend your products or services to others. That is how we generally define a loyal customer. However, customers today tend to be less loyal to brands, their expectations keep rising as competitors or players in other industries make advancements in their customers’ experiences or in their products, and competition is constantly rising as new players and new business models are introduced.

The level of customer loyalty is highly affected by the customer experience, and the customer experience builds on three main pillars: the brand, the product, and the customer communication. To successfully enhance the customer experiences an organisation must work with these three pillars. The importance of each pillar depends mainly on the industry, overall strategy and the wanted market position.

“The customer experience is the perception the customer has of the company based on all interactions with the company over time.”

Focus on the customer experience

Successful companies understand their customers, know what is important for them and have identified the critical customer journeys and moments of truth. And the whole organisation is focused on creating better customer experiences. Besides analysing e.g. transactional data, we also recommend utilizing a Voice of Customer program to give the organisation the insights and everyday tools they need to actually improve customer experiences.

Differ launches co-operation with Voice of the Customer experts CustX AB

Differ recently launched a strategic partnership with the Voice of Customer program experts at CustX AB. Together we strengthen our capabilities to support clients on their journeys towards better customer experiences and higher growth. CustX has developed cutting edge methods and tools for Voice of Customer programs, including advanced text analysis and visualisation tools. CustX’s skills and tools combined with Differ’s expertise in top-line related disciplines make us an even more competitive player in the customer experience area.

A Voice of Customer program helps identify faults in the customer experience and possible solutions.  The Voice of Customer program and the accompanying way of working also boosts innovative ideas and solutions to create experiences that not even the customers knew they wanted.

When faults and ideas for key experiences are identified, they need to be corrected and executed in the most customer centric way. Now, organisations must go beyond using only rational elements when designing customer journeys and also use the principles of recent behavioural economics research as basis for customer experience design to appeal to our brains’ fast System 1 (reference to Daniel Kahneman’s book Thinking, fast and slow).

Our advise: use a Voice of Customer program on your journey of improved customer experience. Obviously, while doing this, you’ll always need to keep track on the ROI of your efforts. E.g. how much is it worth to your company to increase NPS with 5 points? Do these additional 5 points really give you the additional revenues and profitability, at least equal the investments to get there?

Watch out for our next post on our second solution area, Boost Brands.

Want to know more? Contact Frank van Gelder or Patrik Micklin.

Differ support companies and organizations on their journey of sustainable growth.
We work within all topline related disciplines. We understand how to build a brand, what creates a positive customer experience and the driving forces behind revenue generation. In this blog series we will present our point of view, our experiences, trend observations, and more, related to sustainable growth: Design customer experiences, Boost brands, Innovate offerings, Optimize customer lifecycle, and Transform frontline processes.


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