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Hyped buzzwords or attractive competitive tools? Remove the classical obstacles to transformation through a holistic change program addressing three dimensions of change. Access to the right capabilities and correct data will make digital solutions a competitive weapon – and the business case is highly compelling.

A series of blog posts about Differ’s portfolio of solutions. During the fall we publish five blog posts with a deep dive into the areas that are key in order to obtain sustainable growth. This time: Drive Frontline Transformation.

New digital tools enter in a constant flow – every day new solutions and functionality are created in order to develop faster, more precise and more relevant customer dialogues. However, and despite the speed of innovation, developments still take too long to achieve. We see golden, unleashed opportunities for companies both in terms of capturing new data and acquiring analytics capabilities, but also leveraging the data and analytics capabilities already in place. Well managed, these opportunities would lead to significant competitive advantages, but classical obstacles are still often blocking the road to more relevant customer dialogues. The main classical obstacles include:

  • Missing digital and technical competence in marketing organizations
  • Huge gaps between business and IT
  • Poor availability and distribution of customer data throughout the organizations
  • Insufficient levels of own analytical competence

A holistic view on change to remove the obstacles

To embrace the new digital opportunities towards competitive and modern organizations without these obstacles, a transformation path should address three dimensions of change:

  1. Organization and capabilities
    • Capabilities must be enhanced and constant development paths secured. The creation of agile and cross-functional organizations is a hygiene factor to assure speed and market performance. The necessary transformation must also be led and supported by top management.
  2. Automation
    • Access to data and customer dialogues should be automated as much as possible. Transformation paths should lead to continuously improved automation of data access, improved automated customer dialogues and closed data loops – where customer data automatically is fed back to Marketing Automation solutions in a machine learning manner.
  3. Prioritization of data
    • None of the above will work unless data management is put at the center of the organization and managed as the golden asset it is. We see the oppointment of Chief Data Officers and the creation of Information Models as examples of leading practice within this area, along with Centers of Excellence for analytics to manage all the new data available via the new digital tools.

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We work within all topline related disciplines. We understand how to build a brand, what creates a positive customer experience and the driving forces behind revenue generation. In this blog series we will present our point of view, our experiences, trend observations, and more, related to sustainable growth: Design customer experiences, Boost brands, Innovate offerings, Optimize customer lifecycle, and Transform frontline processes.


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