Putting Truth First Is Crucial When Building a Brand

2019 is now in full-speed and so far, the first months of the year have offered a lot of interesting customer insights. Presented below are three important insights that we want to share with you.

Your internal culture is your brand

Think of a company as a box. Historically, the brand was whatever the company painted on the box. With the reign of transparency, customers can easily see through the sides of the box and determine if they like what they see in it or not. Every company process, employee and decision, together with the ethics and values they reflect, now make up the brand. This trend cannot be ignored any longer, and to stay successful, brands must take meaningful steps to improve their internal culture.

Authenticity is vital in order to be the preferred choice of consumers and talents

Today, people make decisions that match their values. 30 % of Swedish consumers would actively cast aside a brand they didn’t find sustainable. Amongst millennials, 30 % would accept a pay cut to work with a mission they deeply care about. Consumers also have a growing demand for transparency regarding company values. Enabled by today’s infinite connectivity and sophisticated devices, consumers have both the resources and motivation to investigate how companies execute on the values their brand claims to embody. This requires brands to be truly rooted in their own values and to develop a thorough understanding of consumer’s emotional and psychological needs.

A general sustainability initiative is not good enough, brands must select and communicate their efforts carefully

Differ’s yearly survey, Sveriges Grönaste Varumärke, shows that consumers are finding it more and more important for brands to act in a sustainable way. Many also have a willingness to pay a premium for a sustainable brand. However, consumers find it more and more difficult to make sustainable choices. They have a hard time understanding what brands do in terms of sustainability, and to trust that what they say they do is actually true. Therefore, it is essential for brands to select their sustainability initiatives with care, to make sure that they are in line with the brand’s position and values and finally to communicate them clearly.


To summarize, it is important that brands are truly rooted in their own values and do not pretend to be something they are not. Staying true to core values can also help build an undivided internal culture that spreads throughout the entire organization. Also, acting sustainable is by an increasing number of consumers seen as a hygiene factor, and together with the reign of transparency, it becomes increasingly important that companies select, perform and then communicate the initiatives taken by them. Essentially, brands must put truth first in order to be the preferred brand in the eyes of the consumer.


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