We want to grow with our clients

In our work we often find that functional departments within the same organization have different starting points and different reasons for making prioritizations. They don’t value different offerings and customer groups in the same way and they sometimes set conflicting targets. This makes the task of offering a consistent, positive customer experience challenging.

“We are convinced that a holistic perspective on growth issues increases the probability of success.”

If the organization is able to agree on a common perspective and a common direction, it will sharpen its focus. Having such a sharpened focus enables the organization to unite in order to define, and above all, deliver, a clear differentiation in the market. This is the route to growth, which can mean different thing for different organizations – e.g. increased revenues and profit, increased market shares, increased number of members.






We are passionate about helping our clients find their common perspective. We believe we are well suited to help achieve this goal, for the following three reasons:


We have different kinds of consultants. Many have a traditional consulting background. Others are brand experts, digital transformation consultants, marketing directors or the brains behind successful loyalty programs.

We recruit people with analytical skills and creative skills, preferably combined in one “hybrid consultant”. In-house, we encourage people to freely voice different perspectives. This enables us to learn from each other and to apply a truly broad mindset, even to strictly defined assignments.


We work closely with our clients. The way we see it, cooperation, humility and buy-in orientation lead to realization. Our assignments are not based on standard methods, so we adapt our approach according to the specific needs of each client and assignment.


We find out how our clients’ customers actually behave and operate, both now and likely in the future. We quickly assimilate new ideas. A fact-based method of working and new perspectives enable us to challenge old truths in a constructive manner. Best or leading practice today, is not always the way to go.