Become a growth strategist with us


We would go as far as to claim that becoming a consultant is one of the best career choices you could make. Working as a consultant not only gives you a broad awareness of different industries, markets and organizations, but also means working in an environment where you are constantly learning and facing new challenges on a daily basis, that develops you both on a professional and personal level.


Would you like to join us when you graduate? We are currently recruiting the junior strategy consultants who will become a part of Differ in August 2023. We have an ongoing recruitment, more information on how to apply can be found here.

We handle your personal information with care and confidentiality during the recruitment process – read more here.

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All candidates, whatever their level, go through the same process. The recruitment process consists of interviews and business cases that are both quantitative and qualitative. Throughout the process you are given the opportunity to meet several people from Differ, enabling you to get a clear picture of the company and us who work here. Our business cases relate to the kind of problems and challenges that you may well be working on if you join Differ. This could involve anything from solving simple math problems to providing a rationale for a brand valuation or a strategic business decision.

There are often several possible solutions to a case. What we are interested in is how you approach the problem, the assumptions you make and whether you have an understanding of the factors that are central to solving the problem. Since we can only make a judgement based on what we see and hear, it is important that you clearly explain the reasoning behind your solution to the people you meet here.

If anything is unclear in the information provided for the case, or if you don’t understand what the interviewer is saying, don’t hesitate to ask follow-up questions to clarify. If you get stuck, always go back to the beginning and make a fresh start using a different approach.

Good luck!