Build a rewarding career

What strategy would you use to boost sales in one of Sweden’s most popular brands? What advice would you give management in a leading e-commerce company on how to retain their customers? How would you design a loyalty programme for one of Sweden’s largest travel companies? What challenges would you point out to the media groups of the future?

These questions are some examples of the challenges we face together with our clients. We who work at Differ are strategy consultants focusing on top line issues in our daily work. Our philosophy is based on the conviction that the most successful companies are those who have the deepest understanding of their customers and have the ability to transform these insights into strategy and action.

For more information about what it’s like to work as a consultant at Differ, and what we can offer you, please see our Employer Value Proposition. We would like to hear from you, regardless of whether you are just taking your first steps on the career ladder or have many years experience of strategic consulting.



Employer Value Proposition

We offer a work environment that focuses on personal development and ongoing skill building. We do this by facilitating both informal and formal development. By informal development we mean that we ensure that senior and junior colleagues work together on projects, and by maintaining a lot of confidence in our staff and giving them significant responsibility, regardless of their previous experience. We offer formal development via our internal mentoring programme, an explicit feedback culture, and participation in our performance and development systems. Although we are constantly growing, we are careful about preserving the strengths we have as a small company – a non-hierarchical structure that allows everyone to contribute and influence both their own development and the development of the company.

We offer exciting assignments in projects that create significant value for our clients’ businesses. This is possible because we are strategic consultants focusing on top line issues. We understand brand building, the factors influencing customer experiences, and the driving forces behind revenue generation. We work on the same type of assignments and for the same clients as the large, international firms. We have the same analytical approach and methods, but our problem solving is more creative and flexible. In addition, we have a better work-life balance, a more even distribution of internal responsibilities and a more humble attitude towards clients and colleagues.

We offer market level salaries and generous remuneration models that apply to all employees. We facilitate this by offering starting salaries combined with performance-based pay. In addition, we let all our people get a share of our financial success, regardless of their experience or how long they have been working for the company.

We offer benefits that focus on health, flexibility and long-term security. We do this by paying into a pension scheme for all employees and by ensuring that all are covered by an insurance package. Because Differ is concerned about the health and well-being of its staff, employees are also offered a generous wellness allowance, parental pay during parental leave and much more.

We offer employment in an entrepreneurial business that is part of a larger group. Together with our sister companies within Xlent Consulting Group, we employ around 500 consultants and our success has enabled us to realise continuous growth. We are based in a very nice office at Regeringsgatan in the heart of Stockholm. Our clients are spread across the Nordic region.

We offer a work environment characterised by development, humility and community. We are able to do this because over the years we have always been able to attract and retain people whose “brain, heart and legs are in the right place”. This means that we at Differ value people who are analytical and creative problem solvers, social people who build relationships and people who are driven, courageous and ready for a challenge. This has been a major contributing factor to our positive culture. It is clear that the people who work here play a huge part in our success and the atmosphere is much appreciated both internally and externally.