Explore new territories

Besides the client needs that are covered by our five service areas, we have identified several client needs related to our core services, however requiring specific competence and a separate business model. Examples of such needs are content marketing, interim resources,or service design. Therefore, Differ has decided to establish new ventures, called Labs, which give us new opportunities to meet our clients’ demands and strengthen the relationships, without diluting the core.

Early 2018, we established our first two Labs Content Lab by Differ and Talent Lab by Differ.

January 2019 we established our third venture Feedback Lab by Differ.

For more information, click on the pictures below for a link to their web sites.

Differ Agency ensures relevant content for the new era of digital contact strategies. Disciplines like marketing automation, newsletter strategies or CRM programs, all need to be fuelled by relevant and dynamic content. Our news desk produces over 500 000 article reads every week – Welcome to Content Lab by Differ.

Talent Lab supplies specialists in the fast growing gig industry. It is a company accommodating expert resources and interim managers within the field of sales, marketing and CRM. We support our clients with resources and competences that make a difference. And, we are always looking for new talents to join us – Welcome to Talent Lab by Differ.

Feedback Lab supports companies and organizations with experience management. We set up programs that collect, measure and analyze results of customer feedback. These so called Voice of Customer programs generate initiatives to improve customer journeys and touchpoints. Feedback Lab is a leader on the Swedish market regarding text analysis. We are also the first Nordic certified partner to Qualtrics, a global leader within experience management software – Welcome to Feedback Lab by Differ.