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CRM and CX Strategy

The client operates on the challenging market of streaming services, leading us to use data, tech and creativity to improve customer loyalty.


Media Group




Improve Customer Experience

The Challenge

In a media industry undergoing disruptive changes, creating and maintaining customer loyalty is essential. Key success factors in this are user and customer experience, UX and CX, with the Nordic market having high expectations regarding both.

The client has a strong brand but has not engaged enough in CX, lacking insights in transactions and purchasing behavior. Another challenge being a lack in collection of customer feedback and satisfaction.

The Solution


In cooperation with the client, Differ led a project with the ambition to get a better understanding of the customer base. A thorough analysis of the customer base and its purchase behaviour resulting in part in a customer segmentation model was carried through. Additionally, a Voice of Customer program measuring and following up on customer feedback.

Combined, the solutions resulted in a clear strategy and road map for how to achieve increased customer lifetime value.

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