Brand Strategy

Differ supported a global technology group on an interesting branding journey. The group has close to 45 000 employees, located in 30 countries and is organized in five business areas. Their customers can be found across all industrial sectors.


Within the field of technology, the market is constantly evolving. New competitors are appearing and customer demands are in constant change. Both offering and brand need to be continuously refined in order to maintain relevance in the market.

Our client had responded to some of the market changes with acquisitions. As a consequence, the former mono-branded company now had a portfolio of brands to manage.


The situation, with changing needs and higher brand complexity, put new requirements on strategies and work processes for the group. They needed a structured and modern foundation for brand management going forward. The foundation should work for current business, but also take future acquisitions into account.

Differ had the privilege to support the group in developing a set of strategic tools for brand management. Some tools were already in place, but needed to be documented and sharpened. Other tools were missing and needed to be developed from scratch.


The work contained three main phases:

Analysis: Initially, a profound brand analysis was performed. 50 internal stakeholders and over 20 customers and distributors were interviewed. Customer surveys were revisited and market trends and competitive activity were studied. Through this process, customer needs and strengths, weaknesses and ambitions for the brands were mapped.

Strategy development: Next, a set of strategic brand tools such as brand structure, brand positioning and key messages were developed. This was done in close collaboration with the client and with the involvement from several reference groups representing different parts of the broad organisation.

Realization: A hand book for brand management, containing goals, tools, work processes and rules was produced. With this as a base, a large number of workshops were held across business areas and regions.


This exciting process laid the foundation for a new, modernized and more structured way of working with brand management within the group. Over time, this will enable stronger brands and a more profitable business.




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