Corporate Growth Strategy

In close cooperation with the client, Differ was assigned to develop a growth strategy for the B2B market. The key questions to answer included: What corporate segments have the largest market potential? What value propositions are required to attract these segments?


Sustainability and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) issues have reach the top management agenda of Swedish corporations. The days of “green washing” initiatives are gone and CSR activities are becoming increasingly integrated with core business activities. Today, sustainability is about operating in a socially and environmentally sustainable way. This trend has triggered aggressive growth in the market for corporate charity, i.e. partnership and funding of charity NGOs (Non Governmental Organisations). The market has doubled in size the last five years and shows no sign of slowing down. Changing market conditions often produce winners and losers – in this case, the winners are NGOs that have made the required efforts to adjust to the needs of the corporate sector. Our client, one of the worlds leading charity NGO brands, had set aggressive targets to become the leading sustainability partner to the corporate world.


The client target to double the size funding from corporations in a few years time was especially challenging, as it had successfully focused on raising funds from institutions and the general public for many years. The insights into the needs of corporations were limited. In addition, the value proposition towards the corporate sector was outdated and had limited relevance in the new market environment.


Following a series of quantitative and qualitative research activities, the project could develop a customer insight-driven market segmentation as a base for the growth strategy. The segments were prioritized based on market potential and strategic fit with our client’s mission. For each segment, a clear and distinct value proposition was developed including target groups (to whom), proposition (what), playbook (how) and business case (how much).


Already shortly after launch, an increased funding from corporate partners could be noticed. A growth strategy was recommended and adopted, including:

  • An actionable and prioritized customer segmentation model, with alignment of TO WHOM, WHAT, and HOW

  • A new corporate portfolio of offerings with validated value propositions to attract corporations and to establish the NGO as a true strategic partner within sustainability issues

  • A prioritized and actionable prospect list for each segment, based on multiple attraction criteria

  • Updated marketing material for each offering

  • Alignment of processes, roles and responsibilities to support increased focus on the corporate segment

Differ was subsequently engaged to address also the funding from private individuals, which had similar stretched targets.




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