Improved CX through customer journey mapping

Our client is a major Nordic insurance company. The company has been a price leader and now wants to re-focus on customer leadership. A challenge is the current low customer satisfaction. Differ supported the company with mapping the customer journeys and identifying areas for customer experience (CX) improvement.


The insurance industry is undergoing disruptive changes. Companies are investing in the digital customer experience and, led by insurtech, new business models are introduced, e.g. “pay-per-use” and “pay-as-you-behave”. Our client, a leading Nordic player, is well behind its main competitors with regards to digital maturity within customer experience.

The company has had low customer satisfaction rates and these rates have even worsened the last couple of years. Company acquisitions and integrations have led to incoherent customer journeys.

The Nordic market in general has a high digital maturity and consumers have high expectations with regards to UX and CX.


Differ had previously helped develop a new strategic direction – secure competitiveness through increased digitalization and innovation, as well as effortlessness for the customer.

This new direction implied an ambition to improve customer experience through increased customer focus. Previously, pricing had been the main competitive aspect.

Customer satisfaction has been low compared to industry peers and the understanding for the reasons behind this is lacking.

The client needed external support to realize their ambitions.


In cooperation with the client, a Nordic Differ team led the project with the ambition to get a better understanding of the customer life cycle for consumers and the most important customer journeys in order to identify areas of customer experience improvement.

The assignment consisted of three parts:

  • Mapping the customer journeys to identify pain points and areas of improvement to realize the new strategic direction
  • Evaluating larger initiatives in the context of the new strategic direction – secure long-term competitiveness through increased digitalization and innovation as well as focus on customer effortless
  • Establishing and driving a PMO (Program Management Office) to help the client to realize identified areas of improvement, e.g. changes in product structure, improvements in claims notification process

The mapping of the customer journeys was done in creative workshops and interviews with a large number of stakeholders. Analysis was done and customer focus groups were held in order to understand the driving forces behind positive customer experience of the private customers.

Based on the results five strategic concepts were developed and tested in focus groups.


Mapping of the customer journeys resulted in approximately 60 concrete recommendations that were allocated, planned and kicked-off together with the relevant departments and functions.

The customer focus group sessions resulted in a requirement specification for a new digital claims journey with focus on transparency and effortlessness for the customer. The new journey consists of three parts:

  1. Digital claims registration when logged in
  2. Fully automated claims registration of simpler “standard” claims below a certain  compensation amount
  3. The possibility to track one’s claim’s journey

Overall, the assignment has given the client improved customer insights and understanding of the customer experience giving the company the basis to succeed with their new strategic direction.




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