CX vision and strategy

“Differ has guided us in a pragmatic way, from the beginning throughout the ongoing realization, on our journey towards high member loyalty and a member centric and modern business governance” 

Client CMO

Our client is a major Swedish non-profit member organization.

The organization is the largest in Sweden within its field and has been focussing during the last years on recruiting new members. Management  has the ambition to re-focus on building member loyalty. A challenge has been to deliver positive member experience (CX) and achieve perceived positive value of being a member. 

Differ supported the organization with analysing the CX maturity, formulating a CX vision and developing a strategy and road map for achieving the vision. Currently, we are supporting with realization of the CX strategy and road m


In general, we have seen increased expectations of Swedish individuals and consumers on brands, products, service, interaction and communication.

This development has been largely triggered by new business models and new technology within e.g. streaming services, gaming and e-commerce. 

Our client, a leading Swedish non-profit member organization, has been very successful the last couple of years in recruiting new members.

However, member churn is relatively high during the first 12-24 months and a full 360-degree view of its members is lacking.

The organization is well behind the general developments with regards to digital maturity and CX.

Another development area, typical for many larger organisations, is a silo culture and silo ways of working


The client’s management has expressed it’s ambition to focus more on delivering positive CX to both its existing members and prospects in order to achieve higher perceived value of the membership and increased loyalty.

This new direction requires a new take on the organization’s way of working with CX.

Some of the obvious challenges:

  • CX vision, the whole organization is committed to
  • Coordinated CX governance driving the organization’s KPI results
  • Cross-functional ways of working
  • Common member insights used by whole organization
  • Common view on which segments, target groups and customer journeys to prioritize


In cooperation with the client, a Differ team has been leading the initiative with the ambition to improve CX and member loyalty by an improved governance and ways-of-working.

The assignment consists of two parts:

  1. Vision and strategy phase:
  • Differ executed interviews and workshops and researched existing business plans, strategies, studies, tools, etc. in order to define the organizations CX-maturity from eight perspectives 
  • Together with the client’s main stakeholders an ambition level and CX-vision for 2023 were defined
  • Based on ambition levels and the new CX vision a strategy and road map with clearly defined initiatives were developed – examples of initiatives: CX ways of working, Journey mapping, Segmentation model, establish VoC program, KPIs and dashboards, cross-functional teams 
  1. Realization phase (ongoing) – Differ supports the organization with:
  • Detailed description and planning of road map initiatives
  • Kicking-off and driving initiatives with internal stakeholders according time plan
  • Coordination and follow-up of ongoing initiatives
  • Expert advisory based on leading practice


The initiative has led to the following results:

Phase 1 – CX vision and strategy – has set clear common mid-term goals for the organization and defined some concrete initiatives to execute on.

Phase 2 – realization of CX vision and strategy (ongoing) – has given the organization an agile plan to execute upon during the years to come.


Overall the assignment has led to improved member insights, cross-functional ways of working, holistic CX governance giving the organization a basis to achieve the 2023 CX vision and ambitious goals like net-increase of number of members and member satisfaction




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