Digital Transformation

The client is a major travel company, with basically only online sales of its travel products and services. The market is highly competitive with margins under pressure. As the product itself has become more and more of a commodity, customer experience has become the prime competitive force. The industry has traditionally been focusing more on services than engineering, creating a competence gap with regards to digitalization. Differ was engaged to lead the regional digital transformation program focusing on rolling-out of marketing automation, creating customer insights in a big data set-up and analytical model creation.


The Nordic travel industry is a mature market facing some major challenges. Customers are empowered via new digital possibilities and low price alternatives challenge the entire industry. New digital business models surface and products are being commoditized.

Brand and strategic marketing matter less and less – one-to- one dialogue is required. The Nordic market is almost fully digitalized, which requires highly automated approaches. Availability and application of customer insights is the main competitive tool on a highly digital market. A successful digital marketing set-up where one-to-one marketing is enabled in close to real time was required. Real time dialogues require focus on customer insights and analytics – a closed data loop was therefore a necessity.


Roll-out of regional multi-lingual high-end marketing automation set-up, and utilization of big data technology in order to enable one-to-one customer dialogues, in real time or close to real time. Embed big data insights as well as advanced analytical predictive models in marketing automation set-up, enabling an automated closed data flow. Roll-out of campaigns in entire customer life cycle using new technology and insights and thereby significantly improving revenues.


In cooperation with the client, Differ managed the digital transformation from relatively resource demanding, highly manual and less sharp customer dialogues to customer dialogues enabled by high end marketing automation tools and customer insights based upon latest big data technology. Differ was responsible for the program design as well as program management for the complete implementation project.

  • Roll-out of high-end new marketing technology in several countries

  • Set-up of big data structures enabling customer dialogues based upon web analytics and real time customer behaviour

  • Sales and analytics set-up enabling campaigning based upon predictive models and other relevant analytical models

  • Roll-out of campaigns in entire customer life cycle using high end marketing automation tools, close to real time customer insights and analytical models and thereby creating a closed data loop


The program delivered new digital tools, new customer insights and new capabilities within budget and time schedules. Some of the results:

  • Significantly improved revenues due to improved relevancy in customer dialogues

  • Significantly improved overall metrics – e.g. improved active customer base, retention, churn and web traffic

  • Roll out of new digital tools and capabilities across several countries, in a multi-lingual set-up

  • Improved competitiveness on a highly competitive market




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