Strategic Transformation Journey

The client is a large utility company, focused on generation, sales, distribution, and trading of electricity and heat. The company runs multinational operations in Northern Europe. The energy landscape is in the middle of a significant paradigm shift, where electricity production is losing profitability and new opportunities arise around more complex service offerings. Differ was involved in several initiatives in this transformation journey during a 5 year period, covering hot topics like digitalization of the workplace, new smart products, procurement efforts, and modern editorial processes.


The client is a major player in electricity generation, from hydro, wind, nuclear, gas, biomass, and hard coal. Heat generation is another significant business area. It also holds vast distribution concessions for electricity and heat. Increased level of operational performance and customer focus are key to regaining competitiveness. Reputation is key to the license to operate, as well as for the value of the customer base. This means coordinating a lot more across divisions, doing more with less people, communicating with one voice, and engaging all stakeholders, internal as well as external.


The client needed to understand more about the development of the market, the future customer needs, and the competitive opportunities in terms of new product and service offerings. In order to increase reputation and brand perception, a “one voice” communication channel strategy was needed. In response to these externally oriented changes, the organizational set-up was changed in terms of structure, sizing, and way of working.


In close cooperation with the client, Differ supported the development of new product areas beyond commodity sales, developed a communication channel strategy, assisted in several re-organization and right-sizing efforts, and supported a new more digital, fast, and collaborative way of working. The following deliverables were part of the efforts:

  • Launch of a new cross-country product and service organization

  • A new communication channel strategy for the digital age

  • Rightsized organization structure, clarifying roles and accountability

  • New, more dynamic, way of working implemented through workshops


This multi-year effort, and associated parallel initiatives has helped the client through a very tough time, and losses have finally been replaced by positive margins. Serious strategic decisions have been taken to discontinue non-profitable operations, and new future-oriented projects are being launched.

  • The reputation and brand perception is improving

  • The operational cost is significantly lower

  • The production is more future-oriented

  • Internal engagement is on the rise




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