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Welcome to the city with a love for gamers

Stockholm – a fantastic creative town packed with famous gaming and esports companies. Its also the town with most game developers per capita than anywhere else in the world. Wow! We created a new platform for the gaming industry and esport visitors in Stockholm.


Visit Stockholm




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The Challenge

With a booming gaming industry our client Visit Stockholm wanted to create awareness about Stockholm as a great place for gamers. The reason? To attract the best talents to work and live in Stockholm and since esport fills up arenas during big live tournaments they also wanted to position Stockholm as a great town to visit. The gaming and esports companies in Stockholm are many. How could we join forces and co-create something that puts Stockholm in the spotlight for the ever-growing world of gamers?

The Solution

Together with Visit Stockholm, Dice, Dreamhack, Ninjas in Pyjamas, SPACE, G-Loot we created a new platform called STHLM PLAY. A common ground for the industry to collaborate. A digital gaming guide was produced with the purpose to activate Stockholm during big esport events. With social media marketing the guide was welcoming gamers around the world and showing that Stockholm has a ton to offer. 

Summary from the platform STHLM PLAY.

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