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The World’s Ugliest Lawn

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Hi! We are the agency behind The World’s Ugliest Lawn – a new global water conservation initiative from Region Gotland, launched together with actress and environmental activist Shailene Woodley.

Huge amounts of water are used every day to water lawns for aesthetics. As the world gets warmer, water scarcity is a growing problem. By not watering lawns for aesthetic reasons, we can protect the availability of groundwater.

Last year’s competition ”Gotland’s Ugliest Lawn” helped decrease domestic water consumption on the Gotland with 5% compared to previous summer.

With The World’s Ugliest Lawn-contest Shailene Woodley and Gotland now challenge the world to share images of ugly dry lawns. The purpose is to save water globally by changing the norm of green lawns. We want to show that sustainable behaviour can be fun, and that everyone can do it. It only takes a change of mind!

"This challenge is a great way to influence people around the world to use less water"

Shailene Woodley

Read more about the competition here:


People can enter the competition by simply sharing a picture of their ugly dry lawns on Instagram with the hashtag #worldsugliestlawn. Or by emailing the picture to Gotland at

Entrants can submit images of their ugly dry lawns taken during all of 2023. The winner will be selected by a jury and announced in December 2023.

The first price is a pre-owned t-shirt with the text ”Proud Owner of the World’s Ugliest Lawn”. Yes, it’s the t-shirt Marcus wears in the video.


Help us spread the word about the contest. Download press images and video assets. Brown is the new green!



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