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Differ Strategy

See new opportunities in a dynamic world. Our multidisciplinary offering is delivered by passionate management consultants. We understand how to build a brand, what creates a positive customer experience and the driving forces behind revenue generation.

Cultivating Growth for SEB Greenhouse

Management Board Reporting

Strategic Expansion Plan

Meeting Evolving Customer Demands with Innovative Solutions

Surpassing expectations by combining entertainment with sustainability

Organizing to maximize impact

CSRD/ESRS from start to finish

Effective digital marketing and sales

Sustainability driven brand strategy

Optimize customer

From CX Vision to operationalized customer strategy

CRM and CX Strategy

From CX Vision to full implementation

Kom in
i värmen

Disruptive innovation and operationalization

Customer journey mapping

Tobias Bergdahl

Managing Director 

Looking for someone else?

Curiously collaborative?

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