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Sustainability driven brand strategy


With sustainability and strong brands on everyones agenda, we provide the guidance for successful transformations to meet the world of tomorrow.

A market with the increasingly efficient competitors combined with strict regulatory compliance, leaving few opportunities for differentiation and increasingly price-based customers had led the client to several years of suffering market shares, necessitating change.

The client wanted to capture a position as the clear industry leader in sustainability and safety through impactful initiatives and employee engagement, becoming a trusted and obvious choice to customers.

Through an iterative process, Differ developed a true brand platform strategy with visible sustainability focus, defining clear goals, specific supporting activities and guidance for different target areas.

The sustainability strategy now serves as an important component of uniting an organization that previously lacked a guiding star. 

Long-term thinking and development ensures sustainable growth and reversed the trend from the decline in market share.

For more information, contact:

Emeli Karlsson

+46 72-165 94 97

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