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Surpassing expectations by combining entertainment with sustainability


Despite already receiving positive customer satisfaction ratings, a leading restaurant and entertainment company decided to entrust Differ with the task stay ahead of the curve by prioritizing sustainability. Leveraging our profound knowledge in this domain, we offered actionable insights and a clear roadmap to enhance their ESG/sustainability strategy.

A leading restaurant and entertainment company in the Nordic region was already showing positive customer satisfaction ratings and the customers were happy with their services. However, they believed there was untapped potential in enhancing their focus on sustainability and ESG. They were keen to explore how this could benefit their business in terms of customer satisfaction, employee retention, competitive advantage, and company value. The challenge was to find the right balance between their core business of providing fun and social experiences and their responsibility to contribute to a more sustainable society.

Differ was tasked with conducting a pre-study to investigate the need for an enhanced and clarified ESG/sustainability strategy. Differ used a variety of methods to gather and analyze data. This included conducting interviews with franchisees and purchasing managers, benchmarking competitors based on annual reports, websites, and sustainability indexes, and reviewing industry reports and academic studies. We also utilized our own consumer survey and maturity model for sustainability work.  

The findings and recommendations were presented to the client's management team. These covered external and internal requirements and expectations on ESG/sustainability from legislators, investors, society, customers, employees, and partners. We also provided insights into the current state and maturity level of the client and its competitors in terms of ESG/sustainability work, and the potential effect of ESG/sustainability work on the client's revenue, costs, valuation, and risk. Further, we outlined the key dimensions and activities for a successful ESG/sustainability strategy for the client.  

This comprehensive approach allowed us to provide the client with actionable insights and a clear roadmap for enhancing their ESG/sustainability strategy. 

For more information, contact:

Mikael af Kleen

+46 72-552 85 31

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