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Management Board Reporting


In a highly regulated market with fierce competition, the need for accurate reporting to the board of directors is critical.

In the heavily regulated but still growing betting industry, the company experienced a shrinking market share. In order to be a relevant player in the market in the long term, it was necessary to defend market shares while maintaining a focus on responsible gaming.

In addition, the company needed a clear and efficient way of working to monitor and report the development of the business.

Differ worked with the organization to develop an actionable customer segmentation model to target the customer base in an efficient but responsible way. The model identified customers with the greatest potential for upselling - without risking harmful gaming behavior.

In addition, Differ developed a reporting structure for the business - with the primary purpose of clearly explaining the development of the business at board level while supporting the daily operational activities.

For more information, contact:

Tobias Bergdahl

+46 73-688 96 13

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