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Cultivating Growth for SEB Greenhouse


In an age where digital disruptors redefine the banking landscape, SEB has boldly embraced this wave of change. Aligning with Differ, SEB Greenhouse has been sown to enrich connections with SMEs and fortify market presence. Our collaboration lays down roots of innovation, deepens loyalty, and underscores SEB’s commitment to fostering enduring growth in the B2B sector.

SEB faced the increasing challenge of fintech companies disrupting the banking sector. In response, SEB aimed to reinforce its position among small to medium-sized growth companies to enhance loyalty and increase the share of wallet among B2B clients. 


The initiative focused on creating a new offering, composed of multiple products targeting this specific segment. 


Differ conducted an extensive service design project to develop this new offering for growth companies and establish a digital network of partners suited for these enterprises. 

Tobias eller JJ

Differ performed a thorough analysis of SEB’s existing customer base with the intention of expanding it. This was followed by a market analysis which identified gaps. To address these gaps, a new tailored offering was developed, consequently broadening the customer base. 


The result of the project is an increased competitive edge for the bank, with the new offerings gaining support from leading figures within the growth companies. SEB attracted more B2B clients, and the value proposition was enhanced through the partner network. 


Differ developed the offering in collaboration with SEB through ideation and prototype work. Subsequently, Differ was instrumental in implementing the offering and set up a dedicated project group tasked with continuing to drive the offering forward. In addition to this, Differ created channels and structures for communication with SEB’s clients and provided support for the IT infrastructure. 

For more information, contact:

Tobias Bergdahl

+46 73-688 96 13

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