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Customer journey mapping


Semantix is a market leader in the Nordics for language technology and multilingual services. Following a merger in 2021, the company now operates as a part of the TransPerfect family, the world’s largest translation services company.

Interpreting Services – one of Semantix’ two main business units – needed to improve their understanding of customer behaviours and lifecycles in order to improve on service delivery and customer experience.

By using qualitative and quantitative methods, Differ mapped and analyzed prioritized customer journeys, which led to more than 20 concrete recommendations for CX improvement.

Semantix business unit Interpreting Services is a leader on the Nordic market showing positive NPS and customer satisfaction ratings. However, management has been receiving strong signals that there is untapped potential with regards to cross- and up-sales and digital communication with its customers. Cooperating with the other business unit, Language Solutions, is also an area of potential improvement.

Differ was asked to drive an assignment together with a team from Interpreting Solutions and the Group CMO with the purpose to identify improvement areas in the customer life cycle by collecting actionable customer insights and mapping customer journeys.

With the purpose of creating hypotheses around CX improvement areas, interviews were held with key internal stakeholders. Also previously conducted customer surveys and strategic documents were studied.

The hypotheses were evaluated by conducting customer interviews and by observing customers while e.g. screening the website and putting an order digitally.

A final activity during the analysis phase was conducting a quantitative survey among Semantix customers which gave us enough data and information to start mapping the customer life cycle and its prioritized customer journeys.

In a workshop series with the Semantix project team we identified both pains and gains in the customer journeys.

Focusing on the pains, we were able to identify and describe in detail more than 20 recommendations. The recommendations have been divided in strategic initiatives (e.g. design of an onboarding process and a voice of the customer program) and quick wins (e.g. clarify terminology and the differences between services on the website).

While Interpreting Services has started working with the recommendations, Differ has been entrusted by Semantix other business unit Language Solutions to help map and develop their customer journeys as well.

For more information, contact:

Frank van Gelder

+46 72-584 71 82

“The project has provided us with an in-depth understanding of our customers’ needs throughout their lifetime cycle with us. This helps us to create a much better experience for our customers at every touch-point that we have with them. I was also very impressed with the team from Differ and the level of professionalism and expertise with which this project was driven, and I’m looking forward to continue working with them on the next project for our other business area”.


Annika Hampf, CMO Semantix

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