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Kom in
i värmen


Under almost every Swedish city lies a climate superhero few think of. The district heating. It runs right under our feet and is a big reason why we are able to progress from old ways of heating our homes and toward fossil free living.

The perception of district heating is not up to date. Almost everyone is talking about wind and solar. But hidden under our feet lies the district heating. And it is in fact an important enabler for circular economy and a fossil free future. Vattenfalls district heating makes use of things that would otherwise have gone to waste, such as household rubbish and construction waste, and turns it into new clean energy. 

We created a new brand campaign "Kom in i värmen” (Come into the warmth) with the aim to position Vattenfall’s district heating as an urban, modern and circular solution. Since district heating is situated right in the heart of our cities we wanted the target audience to feel a sense of closeness to it, and see that the more we are who use it, the better it is for everyone.


The campaign was rolled out on social media and YouTube with three important messages. Our district heating is made from sustainable materials that would otherwise have gone to waste. Our district heating can recycle heat from industries and properties and make new heat for our homes. Our district heating is a solid, locally produced, future-proof solution for generations to come.

For more information, contact:

Emeli Karlsson

+46 72-165 94 97

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