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From CX Vision to full implementation


The client provides an important service to its nationwide members. We help them understand, reach, and keep those members.

The client had been successful in recruiting new members, however lacking in member loyalty, with a high loss of members in the first 12-24 months.

Aiming for increased loyalty and greater perceived value of the membership through a better customer experience, CX, in line with the expectations of todays customers, the client needed to improve customer insights and demolish internal roadblocks and silos.

A Differ team defined current CX-maturity from eight perspectives together with the client, alongside a CX-vision. Based on this, a strategy and road map with clearly defined initiatives were developed.

Next, an agile realization phase was started where Differ carried out and coordinated the mapped out initiatives based on leading practice leading to improved member insights, cross-functional ways of working, and a holistic CX governance in accordance to the CX-vision.

For more information, contact:

Cecilia Clausen

+46 70-742 08 66

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