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The client has a proud history of providing sustained value to their customers, we have a proud history of designing loyalty programs, the result speaks for itself.

The client's previous loyalty program is one of Sweden's largest, with more than 3 million members but it has not provided the financial impact that was expected and wished for. 

The loyalty program's costs exceeded the benefits, and it was difficult to influence customers' purchasing behavior through the mechanisms in the program.

Differ designed a modern loyalty program and took leadership of the implementation project, which involved over 60 project members. 

In addition to the new loyalty concept, a financial model was developed, a partner strategy was established, and a system support was developed. Internal communications and organizational changes were managed, and the project team prepared and implemented the launch, marketing, and public relations for the new program.

For more information, contact:

Karolina Ehrlen

+46 70-783 83 70

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