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Meeting Evolving Customer Demands with Innovative Solutions


Our client faced a critical challenge: adapting to customers' evolving energy needs or risk losing them to more digitally savvy rivals. Our answer? A game-changing app featuring real-time energy monitoring and smart charging for electric vehicles.

In the rapidly evolving energy market, customers are increasingly seeking control over their energy consumption and costs. They are turning to providers who offer superior digital experience that allows them to monitor and manage their energy usage in real-time. This trend was causing a significant number of customers to leave our client for their competitors. Our client, therefore, faced the challenge of enhancing their digital capabilities rapidly to retain their customer base and attract new customers. They needed to enhance their offerings to stay competitive in the change in competitive landscape.

Our client was initially unprepared to address the shift in customer expectations and Differ was ready to assist. We collaborated with the client to develop a strategy to meet their customers' evolving demands and guide their internal team towards offerings improvement.  


The first step in addressing this innovative offering-related challenge was to establish a baseline for the project's objectives, in collaboration with the client. The solution we proposed was an innovative app with two key features.  


The first feature enabled customers to monitor their energy usage and manage their costs effectively, providing control over price and consumption. The second feature catered to the booming population of electric vehicle users, offering smart charging capabilities. A first step in a extensive roadmap of energy steering functionalities. 


Designed to be simple, intelligent, and adaptable for future services, the app capitalized on our client's strong brand position and extensive customer offer to create personalized and relevant customer interactions. This solution not only resolved the immediate issue but also established our client as a leader in digital innovation within the energy market. 

For more information, contact:

Fredrik Berggren

+46 70-794 31 70

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