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Strategic Expansion Plan


Crafting an Ambitious Expansion Plan for an International Furniture Company.

An international furniture company had set the ambition to reach three times as many people as they currently do, covering a large part of the world's population. Their existing expansion plan would only take them so far.

They needed to identify the key issues to be addressed in an updated expansion plan. The company needed to better understand the needs of the large target group, as well as its own core competencies on which to build its expansion.

Differ identified six strategic issues that needed to be resolved to enable the furniture company to achieve its goal.

The strategic issues were developed by analyzing the needs of the broad target group and what would make their lives better, as well as the company's current value chain.

Differ developed an overall roadmap for solving the issues, with milestones broken down according to the client's transformation areas, and mapped out the core competencies to be used for success, as well as an internal and external communication platform.

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