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Effective digital marketing and sales


In their effort to aquire not only more members but also members with a high potential to become loyal members, the client wanted to improve the effectiveness of their digital marketing and sales channels.

The client is a leading member organisation with a strong brand. During the pandemic digital sales accelerated, i.e. recruitment of new members through the website. 

However, initial analysis shows that a relatively high number of new members become passive members and have a higher risk to churn. The assumption was that the organisation puts too much emphasis on the conversion phase of the acquisition process and too little on the interest and engagement phases. 

Based on previously done work by Differ, the mapping of the member lifecycle and prioritised member journeys, an as-is analysis of the member acquisition process was performed. Interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, as for example those responsible for digital marketing and sales activities and channels, were performed to understand today’s way of working and to identify improvement areas. 

More specifically, we looked at how leads that are captured on the web, by regional offices, by customer service and by the sales teams are treated today and how they should be taken care of more effectively. 


The largest improvement potential was identified within the web area with the following defined recommendations: 


  • A structured way of working with SEO that would drive more traffic to the web. 

  • Work actively with content gating, i.e. content that prospects can only access after they've shared their contact information. By doing so visitors that show interest and engagement in certain content can be communicated with and driven forward in the sales process towards conversion. 

  • A chatbot that can be used to collect contact details and to communicate personalised.  

  • A common way of working with CRO (conversion rate optimisation), supported by an AB-testing tool, web analyses and UX-competence. 

For more information, contact:

Frank van Gelder

+46 72-584 71 82

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