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Disruptive innovation and operationalization


Development of business models, servitization strategies, and pushing the mobility market forwards. This innovative project exhibits the span of our talent and knowledge.

The client, a Nordic insurance company had identified a first mover opportunity to establish a Swedish mobility service but lacked the capabilities to build and run such a company inhouse.

Aiming to create a brand that captures a significant share of the Swedish market disrupts the Swedish car market, the client needed support in developing an innovative business model and operationalizing the concept from idea to reality.

In cooperation with the client, Differ developed a brand identity, a scalable, resource-light, business model and launched the service with a Differ team managing operations.

Next, Differ performed market analysis to determine paths of expansion for the business, such as a B2B presence, and operationalized the strategy and business case, resulting in dramatic yearly revenue growth and a fleet of over 100 cars.

For more information, contact:

Anders Sancho

+46 70-426 42 31

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