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Organizing to maximize impact


By conducting an exhaustive analysis of the sustainability landscape, encompassing legal frameworks, industry norms, and emerging opportunities, we crafted a roadmap for our client, ensuring their continued position as a sustainability leader within their sector.

A Swedish cooperative federation had the need to clarify its role and responsibilities within sustainability, as well as the expectations from and support to the regional associations and the local cooperatives. The challenge was to analyze the current and future requirements and needs for the cooperative federation in the sustainability area, and to define guiding principles and a clear division of tasks for how the federation should handle the increasing demands and regulations within sustainability.

A comprehensive analysis of the sustainability landscape was conducted, covering laws, regulations, commitments, risks, opportunities, and best practices within the industry. Based on this, guiding principles for sustainability work were developed and the responsibilities and roles of the organization were detailed. Differ also provided efficient work processes and a governance structure for sustainability work together with recommendations. This solution provides the organization with a clear path forward in their sustainability work, helping them meet their goals and continue to be a leading actor in sustainability in their industry. 

For more information, contact:

Max Hellgren

+46 73-393 77 89

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