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AI and marketing – a roadmap to full potential


The market is currently experiencing a surge of AI tools that promise to save time, reduce costs, and increase efficiency. For marketers, these tools can assist with content ideas, creation, conversion, task management, research, and insights. Our client wanted to explore these promises, too.

Differ identified opportunities and designed an action plan for the Marketing Communication team while also pinpointing possible risks.

Our client recognized the potential of utilizing AI to streamline their marketing material creation processes. While some employees had already started experimenting with AI tools, there was no established framework for implementing these new technologies, and the level of knowledge and interest varied greatly among individuals. 


Differ was tasked with investigating the current use of AI tools, identifying areas for improvement in working methods and tasks, and determining how to fully optimize the department through the use of AI.  

Through interviews, surveys, desktop research, and demos, Differ provided a detailed view of the current situation and recommendations on how to move forward. The research identified a number of tasks that could potentially be made more efficient through the use of AI, as well as potential AI tools and the knowledge and structure required for successful implementation. 


Next, four key activities were suggested, where Differ mapped out initiatives to make a real impact on a daily basis.  


Work on implementing the recommendations will continue throughout 2024. This is an exciting journey that has only just begun! 

For more information, contact:

Mirja Mäkelin

+46 70-555 55 48

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