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Enabler for complete business transformation


Sometimes an industry as a whole is late to the digital game. We helped our client leapfrog its competitors and establish itself as a digital leader.

A rental equipment company faced the challenge of repositioning itself in the market while also striving to increase productivity and profitability. Acknowledging the importance of staying up to date with technological advancements, the company sought to modernize its operations to meet future demands.  


The reliance on an outdated and fragmented ERP system, as well as the lack of standardized processes and methods to manage rental equipment and customers throughout the organization, led to inefficiencies, errors and missed opportunities. Noting that the construction industry as a whole is falling behind in terms of digitalization, the company viewed this as a significant opportunity to gain market share and improve both internal and external productivity. 

The client devised a business plan that included a complete transformation of the company, including a substantial digitalization effort. Engaging Differ as their strategic partner, the company initiated a transformation program led by a dedicated team from Differ in key roles as program manager, project manager, and change manager. The transition to a new ERP system aimed to establish a robust foundation supporting the company's current needs while laying the groundwork for future growth.  


Central to the program was a focus on improving customer offerings and internal efficiency, as well as gaining broad support across the organization and fostering a culture that embraces change. To maximize the impact of the transformation program, a structured change management approach was adopted. Differ developed a change strategy and plan, with active involvement from top executives. By guiding employees through the transition, the company aimed to accelerate adaptation to new workflows and technologies and establish a sustainable long-term approach to digitalization initiatives. 

For more information, contact:

Thomas Wahlberg

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