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Implementation of a split into two separate business entities


In most cases, centralized, shared IT services make a lot of sense. However, when owners decide to split the group into separate business units, shared services require careful attention.

A client in the entertainment and hospitality industry had decided to divide their company group into two separate legal and business entities. The goal was a clean split with no shared IT systems, personnel, or other dependencies. The primary objective was to ensure a seamless transition, with neither entity experiencing any loss of business capabilities. 

The client entrusted Differ to develop and execute a comprehensive program that covered all aspects of the business. This included renegotiating software license agreements, facilitating KYC applications, reintegrating sales channels, and segregating ERP and financial forecasting systems. Additionally, new bank account agreements were established to align with the revised organizational structure. 


A customized IT governance framework was implemented, resulting in a more business-oriented approach to system and information ownership in both organizations. Our efforts have led to the creation of two independent, business-driven entities. Each entity now has dedicated AI-based pricing mechanisms, seamless integration with all sales channels, and streamlined payment flows integrated into their respective ERP and financial planning and forecasting systems. This transformation has given the owners more operational efficiency and strategic clarity in managing their businesses. 

For more information, contact:

Linus Gad

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