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Merger to streamline corporate structure


Duplication and parallel structures are known to reduce business efficiency. It also makes it more difficult to achieve common goals. Not to mention the harmonization of processes and workflows... So there is a lot to be gained by simplifying the corporate structure.

The client sought to streamline operations, finance, and head office administration under a single company due to the inefficiency of the current corporate structure, comprising several legal entities, resulting from previous mergers and acquisitions, organic growth, and the ownership structure during the foundation of the company. 

The top priority was to ensure a seamless transition to the new corporate structure without disrupting daily operations, tools, or processes. The main challenge was a lack of understanding regarding the business areas, processes, and IT systems/tools that would be impacted, as well as the time-sensitive nature of certain activities to align with the new fiscal year. 

When the previous premises for the corporate structure no longer held any value, it was logical to consider a new company group structure. The client approached Differ for assistance with refining and implementing the new corporate structure.  

To ensure a smooth transition, all business areas and IT tools were mapped, and necessary changes were identified with teams from all business functions. This included significant changes to ERP and finance systems, digital services for customers and employees, as well as business processes, legal aspects, and administrative changes. 

Differ worked with the client to create a detailed roadmap of all activities leading up to the merger and key milestones along the way. Each business area took full responsibility for their respective part of the plan, and the final implementation during the transition to a new fiscal year was meticulously planned and executed on schedule. As a result, when all employees returned to work the following day, the transition was seamless. 

For more information, contact:

Linus Gad

+46 70-947 87 45

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