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Operational excellence means more fizzy drinks


In manufacturing, operational excellence is paramount. But even the best system is inefficient if it is not aligned with manufacturing, administrative systems, and an empowered workforce. It is the big picture that matters.

Our client had difficulty ensuring their business processes operated according to plan, identifying the root cause of any issues, and providing precise support to ensure efficient operations. 

The client experienced a gap between how business and IT staff viewed the business, a lack of cross-functional insight into how their different business areas operated, as well as documentation on the topic. In addition, few people had in-depth knowledge of how to use the ERP system and how to align it with business processes. 

Differ conducted several workshop series with the client to comprehensively map all relevant business processes. This included manufacturing, order management, logistics, purchasing, delivery, and other core processes. To bridge the gap between business and IT teams, the business processes were also mapped against the utilization of the ERP system and other tools.


These processes were rolled out to all staff in an easily accessible manner. This empowered business staff to identify and rectify workflow issues autonomously, while also aiding support staff in addressing and resolving complicated issues effectively. 

Later, the client decided to procure a new ERP system. Differ worked with the client to refine and expand the business process mapping. This provided a better understanding of the business operations during the ERP procurement and implementation, as well as guidance on ERP tenders and projects.

For more information, contact:

Linus Gad

+46 70-947 87 45

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