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Plan to improve internal communication's reach and inclusivity


Expectations for internal communications are higher today than ever before. New communication objectives, such as channels or audiences, can rapidly render existing platforms obsolete. To be successful, reimagined internal communications must be implemented with a plan that balances people, information, and technology.

Information and communication needs change over time and need to be assessed continuously to create better conditions for the future. Achieving effective communication in a large organization is challenging, and the client experienced that the lack of a common communication platform made it even more difficult. Additionally, the client’s intranet was built on an old technical platform that was neither user-friendly nor flexible, lacked interactivity and was not scalable to meet the needs of the entire organization. 

Differ led a pre-study in close collaboration with the client’s organization to clarify the current situation and expected future state. The primary objective was to assess the need for a new communication platform and provide a clear roadmap for the way forward.  

This resulted in a thorough investigation and analysis with a clear recommendation to the management team for the next step.   


Differ proposed a solution that involves more than just introducing a new platform; it calls for the development of a new information architecture, extensive content refinement, an efficient editorial structure, and a sustainable long-term management plan. In order to realize the full impact of the project, a comprehensive change management plan integrated into the main project plan was also suggested. 


Differ helped the client define high-priority goals for the future communication platform, such as: 1) Shared digital spaces for internal communication, to reach everyone 2) Increased productivity and harmonization of common processes 3) More efficient internal communication, improved information sharing, and dialogue 4) Strengthened culture, engagement, and community.  

This has set the stage for a successful implementation and an exciting journey ahead! 

For more information, contact:

Sandra Lasson

+46 70-301 56 74

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