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Revitalize the implementation of a new business strategy


It's often tempting to jump right into the value-adding projects, but in rushing to implement, it's easy to overlook the necessary groundwork. We helped our client refocus and lay the necessary foundation.

The client had developed a new business strategy that emphasized digitalization and efficiency, but the implementation was falling behind schedule. Early analysis revealed an IT function with weak internal processes and significant technical debt holding back much of the rest of the organization. Furthermore, the level of digital maturity in the business was not on par with the strategic direction.  

Together with key stakeholders, Differ developed a new IT strategy that focuses on four key areas: strengthening IT operations, building new digital platforms, becoming a digital partner to the business, and developing key competencies for future IT. 

A structured change management process was an integral part of getting business and IT to work together more efficiently in the ongoing digitalization effort.  This collaboration was essential in establishing the groundwork for the next phase: expediting digitalization.  


With a new IT strategy in place and a clearly defined role for the IT function, we had the necessary foundation to develop a digital strategy for the entire organization. After analyzing the business needs, it became clear that the priority should be to transform data into a shared resource instead of keeping it locked in silos by deploying new technical platforms.  


Once established, the IT strategy and digital strategy were integrated into the overall business development processes and the PMO for strategic initiatives. Aligning these new strategies with the business strategy and introducing changes to already established business processes were key factors in ensuring successful strategy implementation. 

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Per Grape

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