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System support for effective processing of existing and potential customers


Junibacken is the premier family destination for a magical experience designed to inspire children's love of reading. We help them understand, reach, and connect with their customers.

Junibacken was successful in customer satisfaction, with a high Net Promoter Score (NPS). However, the client’s solution in terms of system support presented challenges that prevented them from effectively managing customers and prospects. ​

The absence of a system that consolidates customer data made it challenging to conduct a thorough analysis of customer behavior and implement marketing strategies to enhance customer engagement.​

Differ was asked to provide a basis for decision-making and a recommendation for system support. The goal was to make the customer experience and communications more targeted, differentiated, and automated to increase revenue through new, up-sell, and cross-sell opportunities and to promote customer loyalty.

The Differ team evaluated and defined Junibacken's requirements, challenges, and prerequisites for customer engagement and system support. They developed a customized data model to address these needs and outlined a set of requirements for an existing support and data system to address specific data challenges. ​

This was followed by an evaluation of several CRM, MA, and DW systems to determine the most appropriate options. This process resulted in a final recommendation, along with documented decision guidance, for review by both the management team and the board. 

The decision-making process was based on a business case and a time and activity plan, ensuring efficient implementation of the proposed solution.​

Finally, the Differ team provided support in dialogues with the existing and new system providers to facilitate implementation.

For more information, contact:

Cecilia Clausen

+46 70-742 08 66

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