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Transforming a neglected IT infrastructure into an asset


Many organizations are burdened with significant technical debt. We helped our customer to untangle legacy in-house operations to a modern co-location. This not only improved service levels but also strengthened cybersecurity.

A prominent player in the energy industry had a very neglected IT infrastructure. This resulted in inefficiency, significant technical debt, and a need to replace servers, upgrade systems, and modernize the entire IT infrastructure. The IT department was primarily oriented towards technology and first-line support rather than addressing business needs.  

Executive leadership wanted the IT department to take a proactive approach and collaborate more closely with the business. To achieve this, a decision was made to find an operational partner to manage the IT infrastructure, allowing the IT department to shift towards providing efficient business support. 

Differ was entrusted to lead the procurement process for a new partner in compliance with the Public Procurement Act (LUF). Following the successful selection of a new partner, Differ initiated and led a project to ensure a seamless transition of IT infrastructure management.  


The transition project was divided into five key areas:  

  • Workplace-as-a-Service 

  • Server-as-a-Service 

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service 

  • Cybersecurity-as-a-Service 

  • Service-desk-as-a-Service 


After the transition, the company has a modernized IT infrastructure ready to meet future business needs. The IT department has formed a strong connection to the business, effectively bridging the previously identified gap. As a result, the company is now well-positioned for the planned digital journey ahead! 

For more information, contact:

Per Grape

+46 70-150 36 07

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