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Välkommen till livet på ön


A concept to increase the attraction of Gotland as a place to live, work and visit.

Gotland is a popular tourist destination. But the island suffers from an aging population and many young people of working age are moving away. Differ's job was to develop a communication concept that is engaging and promote Gotland as a place to live, work and visit. It was important that the concept could attract new target groups while also being liked and preferably even used by companies and organisations on Gotland.

With the umbrella concept ”Livet på ön” or ”Life on the Island", Differ developed a long-term sustainable concept that could support all of Gotland's communication needs. Messages can be varied widely within the framework of the concept to carry different parts of what an entire society can offer. Examples of messages are "Welcome to working life on the island", "Welcome to holiday life on the island", "Discover cultural life on the island", "Discover entrepreneurial life on the island", "Discover everyday life on the island" and so on.


Gotland's official Instagram account was renamed Livet på Ön and made into a relay account that is taken over a few days at a time by different profiles whom we get to know in a personal and genuine way.


Differ has carried out several brand campaigns to strengthen Gotland’s brand.

For more information, contact:

Emelie Rosén

+46 73-830 83 64

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