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ROX can be optimized by combining O-data and X-data

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

How to optimize the return on investment in customer experience?

Knowing the value exchange to and from the customer enables companies to do the right things and do things right.

Some of the strategic questions, organizations are asking themselves today are: “What is the value of customer experience? Are we investing enough in customer experience? Where and how should we invest?”

Obviously, companies do invest in customer experience for a reason more than just to please the customer. One expects the investment to lead to improved loyalty and cross- and up-sales, reduced risk of churn and increased referrals; in other words, an increased customer lifetime value.

Companies that do actually succeed in optimizing the ROX (return on customer experience) are good at analyzing and acting upon both operational, or transactional, data (O-data) and experience data (X-data).

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